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Criminal Defense Services in Largo, Maryland

Law Offices of Ralph Larry Warren, attorney at law in Largo, Maryland, provides excellent criminal defense services on your behalf.

The Law Offices Of Ralph Larry Warren provides aggressive and skilled criminal defense representation on your behalf. Mr. Warren has handled and tried every conceivable kind of major criminal case over a 30 year career. If you have been charged with a crime in Maryland, immediately contact Attorney Warren. He has a stellar record as a defense attorney.


Considering his years of trial experience as both a successful prosecutor and private criminal defense attorney, you are urged to take advantage of the opportunity to hire him. He will provide you with competent and professional representation at a reasonable flat fee. Having negotiated and tried hundreds of cases throughout the State, he is one of the most experienced criminal trial attorneys in Prince George’s County, Md. As a result, he offers his clients unique, invaluable and indispensable knowledge and skills which he has gained by way of hotly contested courtroom trials for almost three (3) decades.


In addition, Attorney Warren is one of a very few attorneys in the history of Maryland criminal trials to persuade a Judge to grant his client a Judgment of Acquittal, not guilty ruling, during a First degree murder trial. This means that Attorney Warren was able to present such strong evidence to the Judge that the case was not even presented to the Jury for deliberation. The Judge took the case out of the jury hands and decided himself in the interest of justice that Attorney Warren’s client was innocent as a result of Attorney Warren’s persuasive arguments.

Criminal Law (All Felonies & Misdemeanors)
Having negotiated and tried many cases throughout the D.C Metro area, Ralph Larry Warren is one of the most experienced attorneys practicing law in Prince George's County MD.

With time spent working with the state attorney's office, as well as in the private legal sector, his credentials and resume is a testament to his knowledge and legal prowess. In addition, he is one of a very few attorneys to be granted a judgment of acquittal, not guilty ruling, during a first-degree homicide trial by a circuit court judge.

Scales Of Justice, Personal Injury in Largo, MD

Mr. Warren's law practice has a successful track record with defending the following cases:

• Murders / Homicides
• Burglary & Larceny
• Juvenile Charges & Infractions
• White Collar Crime
• Thefts, Drugs & Narcotics
• Armed Robbery & Carjacking • Assault & Battery • DUI & DWI
• Manslaughter • Bond Hearings
• Violation of Probation

Whatever your defense needs, Mr. Warren has the resources, the experience, and the legal knowledge you not only need but also deserve when retaining and working with an attorney. His dedication to clients is unwavering and unshakable, and that is exactly what you want on your side - an unbreakable and impenetrable defense.

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